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About a year ago, we officially shut down the MIMA blog. What had once been a good resource and read for interactive marketers from across Minnesota, had started to die on the vine. With a decent amount of change at the board and committee levels last year, we just couldn’t keep it going. We had to focus on other, more pressing priorities. So, we had to let it go.

But today, I’m happy to report that we’re officially rebooting the MIMA blog!

We’re not promising we’ll blog every day. We may go a week without blogging in some cases. But, out of the gate at least, we will commit to blogging 3-5 times each month.Here’s some of what you’ll see on the MIMA blog in the months ahead:

  • MIMA member profiles. So many talented, smart and interesting people are MIMA members. We plan to showcase a number of those in the year ahead (in fact, we already profile one member–Preston Kelly’s Mark Jenson).


  • Monthly event recaps. Can’t make the next monthly MIMA event? No worries. We’ll recap it here on the blog, complete with highlights, photos and the slide deck, when we can.


  • Interactive trends. We plan to share our insights around trends in the industry. From social to UX to wearables. We’ll tackle a variety of topics.

Have an idea for a post? Send it my way at [email protected] Want to guest post for the MIMA blog? Send those ideas to me, too. Great opportunity for those members who have ideas to share–but might not necessarily have a great outlet to do it. We’ll compile and vet these ideas from members as they come up each month. For now, we’re just excited to re-boot this blog.

Hope you’ll join us and read along when you can.

Arik Hanson

Membership Marketing Director


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