Top 5 Reasons you Won’t Want to Miss the 2015 MIMA Summit!

Why should you attend the 2015 MIMA Summit: The Disruptors?

It’s time to embrace the unknown. It’s time to challenge existing conventions. It’s time to stop simply dreaming of smarter ways of doing business and actually start making those dreams happen. How do we do that? By attending this year MIMA Summit – the Disrupters!

Here are the top 5 reasons to attend this year’s MIMA Summit.

  • It’s the digital marketing event of the NORTH. MIMA Summit gives you all the glitz and glamour of an out of town event without having to live off of fast food, submit a zillion expense reports, and stay in a hotel that is 30 miles away. It’s arguably one of the best digital marketing events and it’s right in your backyard!


  • It’s one JAM PACKED day. This event brings together 1,000+ digitally driven individuals, major and local organizations, and globally recognized speakers in efforts to inspire and connect our interactive community. You will be going non-stop from 8-5, but that means you only have one day to catch up on emails, not three or four. You will walk away from this event feeling energized, knowing more about where the digital world is heading, and with tactics and perspective to share with your organization.


  • It’s time to NETWORK! Not only does the MIMA Summit bring in globally recognized speakers, but it also brings thousands of digital marketing gurus from across Minnesota. From college interns to the metro’s most experienced CMO’s, there’s no end to the networking opportunities. It’s a great time to shake hands and kiss babies (NOTE: there are not often babies present at MIMA Summit).


  • It’s AFFORDABLE and gets you out of the office. The cost to your company is the ticket, possibly parking, and your absence from the office for a day – that’s it. No hotels, no airfare, and no losing two days just for travel. Plus, what marketer doesn’t love a day out of the office mingling with the coolest and brightest digital minds around?


  • The CONTENT is spectacular.  MIMA Summit brings in top speakers from across the country to help educate the MN digital community. It’s a great way to get recharged and learn some new tricks. In one day, we can give you the information you need to disrupt with 6 specific tracks – Content, Mobile, Design, Paid & Social and Data – so you can focus on your company’s needs. We’ll put your brain to work without you even knowing it!


It’s time to DISRUPT.  RSVP now to reserve your spot before it’s too late.


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