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It’s Time

Our database has officially migrated. Please go to My Account to reset your password.

Why? Well, a couple reasons.

First, a better user experience. As of yesterday, we used two systems. If you ever noticed jumping to a different design when registering for an event, that’s why. By separating the database from the design, it proved to be limiting. Today, that's changed. One platform, endless possibilities. If you haven't noticed, MIMA has always been dedicated to not sitting still. This transition, albeit mostly technical, allows us to do more for and with you. Our goal is to continue to push forward and practice what we preach; to provide more value for our members. Stay tuned for our next set of projects, beyond just events and Summit.

Second, for enhanced security. We believe your data is safest when it's controlled on one succinct platform, and with MIMA being in control of that platform. That's why we've taken technical and non-technical routes to protect you. The new system exceeds the current PCI standards. We’ve also adopted policies for all volunteers regarding membership data use, and holding those volunteers liable for their actions during and after their tenure. It also includes domain-based protection of files, ensuring that spreadsheets of emails don't find their way into the hands of abusers.

For security reasons, we didn’t transfer your password or billing information. So, you will need to update both of those here. If you have any questions or concerns, we ENCOURAGE you to reach out: [email protected] or 952-564-3047.

As a final note, we’d like to thank our friends at GoKart Labs for their talented development work and strategic guidance. And, a second big thanks to Horizontal Integration for their funding to support the development of a newer, more robust job board that will continue to inspire and connect our members.

Matt Woestehoff