Net Neutrality

At MIMA, we believe that the free market of the internet is vital for the advertising, marketing, and communication industries. That’s why we do not support the FCC’s actions of dismantling Net Neutrality. Our commitment to the digital marketing community is to inspire and connect you, and this moment is one we ask your help for the greater good.

Net Neutrality at its very essence is to allow all people equal opportunities to browse the infinite resources of the web, and allow us all to have an equal opportunity to create that content. Here’s why Net Neutrality maters to all of us:

#NetNeutrality is better for small businesses.
If ISPs can reduce speeds or block visits to websites, yours may be at risk.

#NetNeutrality is better for accountability.
Competition breeds accountability and progress. Net Neutrality could greatly reduce competitiveness for anyone with an online presence and become pay-to-play.

#NetNeutrality is fundamentally about our freedom.
By dismantling Net Neutrality regulations, the FCC moves to allow corporate influence over the consumption of information.

#NetNeutrality is vital to our community.
Our members, volunteers, and Board are all stewards of this community and our digital impact has a larger reach when we work together. This is one of those times to come together.

#NetNeutrality enables customers to find you.
Blocked traffic or reduced speeds are the outcome of dismantling Net Neutrality.

#NetNeutrality enables society to be more educated.
Dismantling Net Neutrality threatens access for those who already have a hard time getting online. If it costs more to get access to the same level of information, we stifle knowledge.

#NetNeutrality is best for marketing.
Without it, your messaging could cost more, and reach fewer people, with no upside.

#NetNeutrality is vital to all online communities.
Global, local, any community could be at risk of losing their audiences and ability to collaborate or inspire based on an ISPs mood.

#NetNeutrality protects the speed of change.
Fast lanes, slow lanes, any type of lane could limit the rate of change that an organization innovates and works with others.

We can save Net Neutrality. First and foremost, we have to do what we do best - communicate. The time to sit idly by has past. Contact your representatives today and let them hear how it affects you.