Jillian POV

How’d We Score POV: with Jillian Froehlich

Leading up to our panel event on February 21, “How’d We Do? Scoring Minnesota Marketers On the Big Game,” we asked a handful of influential marketers around town how they thought we did. Over the next few days we’ll present their answers here. Today, the spotlight is on Greg Swan.

Jillian Froehlich

VP Head of Digital, Knock


In your expert opinion, which Minnesota brand did the best job with their Super Bowl digital activation/campaign? Tell us why you chose them and what other marketers can learn from them?

It was thrilling to see many Minnesota brands participate actively in Super Bowl LII festivities— including our own KNOCK clients: Caribou Coffee, Mall of America and Target. These companies leveraged the Big Game’s presence by connecting consumers through curated experiences in physical retail touchpoints, product-specific merchandise and digital activations.


Caribou Coffee did this exceptionally well as “Official Coffee of the Bold North.” The brand leaned into their Minnesota heritage to attract both Super Bowl visitors and passionate locals. With an authentic cabin feel as its draw, it gave high-traffic locations at MSP airport, Mall of America and Nicollet Mall—among others—an Up North experience. Adding to the experience were cup sleeves, food and beverage products, web site messaging and digital sticker packs with Minnesota sayings that brought our state’s charm to life.


Did you notice any missed opportunities or "head-scratchers" among MN brand activations? 

When evaluating the investment for local market activations during the Super Bowl, brands should fully recognize the sheer volume of competition. Essentially, they’re vying for consumer attention with many other brands through private and public experiences and events. It’s a daunting and demanding task that, to be successful, needs to honor key variables: satisfy business objectives, support the brand’s authenticity, disrupt audiences with exceptional creative, and deliver it all holistically across channels.

Yes, when all of this is done appropriately, it is a wise investment.