What does it mean to be a #MIMAStudent?

Students who join MIMA reap some serious rewards—and we’re not just talking about free food at student events.

Here at MIMA, students matter. We’re committed to your professional growth and guiding today’s students into future leaders. Minnesota is undeniably an abundant market for digital talent and we’re here to prove that.

So you may be wondering, what does it mean to be a #MIMAStudent and what are these benefits you speak of? There are several.

1. Free membership

For starters, your membership is free. This free membership gives you access to MIMA events at no cost. You can attend as many or as little as you want and gain industry knowledge absolutely free.

2. Exclusive events

Speaking of events, MIMA hosts a variety of events designed to help you gain real-world knowledge. There are workshops, large presentations and student-only events which focus on professional development.

Event topics are current, practical and based on needs and challenges we face in our ever-changing and exciting industry.

3. Scholarship opportunities

MIMA has two scholarship opportunities for student members only. These scholarships have real monetary value – but beyond that, finalists present their case studies to the MIMA board, which means you can showcase your talent in front of professionals from companies (who are likely hiring!) all across the Twin Cities.

4. Current news

Being a #MIMAStudent, means you’re in the know with all things marketing and digital in Minnesota. In addition to our events, our student-only Facebook group has:

  • Professional development tips from real professionals
  • Internship opportunities with companies in Minnesota
  • Information about scholarships and MIMA events

This group is collaborative and open, so ask your questions, learn from MIMA and each other and stay informed.

5. MIMA Job Board

The MIMA Job Board is your direct connection to Minneapolis internships and entry-level jobs. Connect with organizations that will recognize you as a driven and innovated student.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a student, join MIMA today. And if your school days are behind you, share this post with students in your network. You’ve got nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain.

Gina Micek


Integrated marketing strategist, writer, storyteller and adventurer. I am a builder with skills in relationship building and telling compelling stories that drive connections.