Marc Jensen Interview: AI’s Everyday Impact on our Future

MIMA’s February event will be held on February 27th, 2019. Space150’s Chief Innovation Officer, Marc Jensen will shed light on one of marketing’s biggest trends- AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Marc hopes to share with us how AI, which is beginning to show up in every area of our lives and is often accused of stealing our privacy is quite misunderstood.

While the sci-fi movies may continue to break box office records with craftily woven tales of murderous humanoids, rogue government spies and technological disasters, the everyday reality of AI is something else.

Marc will share what exciting developments are coming in AI which you may want to be aware of now. Especially if you want to surprise your boss with how well you navigate the business landscape and harness the technology for the future of your brands.

MIMA sat down with Marc to see if he’d give us a sneak peek into what he has planned for the February event

MIMA: Tell me a bit about your role at Space150 and what drives your expertise in AI?

Marc:  I am the Chief Innovation Officer at Space150. I concentrate my efforts on what technology is on the horizon. I look at how those new developments are going to impact our lives and how that will translate to our clients.  Some of the questions we ask are “How can we help our clients differentiate their brand using the new technology?” We are seeing a huge rise in AI.  Helping our clients understand where they fit and what is available to them – what is real and what matters – in a sea of opportunities.

MIMA: According to our event description, people misunderstand AI.  And the usual topics of discussion such as humanoids, AI-driven creative etc aren’t what is actually exciting about this topic. Tell me what the disconnect is here and what is really exciting.

Marc: Machines becoming sentient will happen but is far off.  We have so many more exciting things happening right now with AI to look at. Alexa. Siri – the AI is now able to understand what we’re saying and provide an intelligent response.  We haven’t even begun to tap into the possibilities with how best to serve our brands.  Everything is overshadowed by the Terminator.

MIMA: What should brands be focused on now with AI so that in the years ahead they’ll be ready for what’s next?

Marc: They really need to be looking at the technology as it comes out and not waiting to see what other people do first. You want to demand more of your leadership when it comes to technology or you will be behind the curve.  Rather than being reactive, years into the use of a product, think ahead and ask how you can use AI to your advantage. What are the possibilities you haven’t thought of to reach your customers?

MIMA: Give us a sense for some of the benefits we may not realize are coming while we worry about killer robots.

Marc:  Early adopters of this technology usually reap the most benefits. That is why I can’t stress enough that you need to address the use of technology early in the game.  Understand it and how your brand fits in with the opportunity.  For example, the cameras on our phones are using AI to improve the quality of the photos.  We are seeing the Pixel, for example, taking photos in dark spaces at night which would have been unheard of without an expensive camera and lens in the past. What we are seeing now is what we predicted 10 years ago.

Interview and write-up by Gina Micek, Marketing Committee Chair and MIMA volunteer

Gina Micek


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