A Special Message – Digital Summit

1999. That’s when we officially started. We were different then - a lower case “i” was hip, and iPhones weren’t even a thing yet. It’s been quite a 20 year journey, and the voyage of MiMA has evolved with every year. We started as a small group of marketers, and now reach thousands in the community. We've had hundreds of events, and sixteen massive Summits in that time. We've talked about Y2K, and the latest trends with AI. There's never a shortage of acronyms or topics to keep us curious.

As an organization, MIMA exists for its community and our members have been our cornerstone. We wish to deepen and expand upon that relationship. As such, we’re pleased to announce that in addition to our native offerings, we’re striving to provide our members access to offers from trusted partners in the marketing world to bring a bigger impact back home. We partnered with The Brand Lab earlier this year, to get their rich and important content in MIMA's workshops. We've partnered with other associations like AdFed, PRSA and IABC to expand the socials that we put on, and encourage a larger network of friends. After all, we exist to inspire and connect, and our connections to content and events are stronger than ever.

This year, as we continue to evolve, we’ve partnered with Digital Summit 2019. We’re thrilled to announce this partnership and to be able to provide our members a discount on ticket prices for the summit being held August 14-15th. For more information on the event and to get tickets, go here. Our own personal reinvention of MIMA Summit will be announced later this year, with a new launch in early 2020. We’re staying agile, and adjusting to what we hear our community wants - workshops like we did last year, plus more opportunities for connection.

These strategic partnerships won’t stop with Digital Summit. There’s more in the works. With this, your membership continues to grow in value and the evolution continues.

Keep an eye out for what’s next; we’ve got a busy year ahead of us.

Onward for another 20 years!

Don't know much about Digital Summit? Here's a video: