Board of Directors

Early in 2018, we decided that as an organization, MIMA needed to refocus its priorities and ensure that our members continually have the best experience both online and offline at events. As such, the Executive Leadership came up with a new Operating System, that rallies behind our  purpose.

Our Purpose

We create opportunities for digital marketers in Minnesota to collaborate and learn from one another.

As such, we reevaluated and restructured our Board of Directors to better align, and provide more opportunities and accountability for the success of our members, but also of our volunteers who work daily to ensure everything we do aligns. We may be the oldest interactive marketing organization there is, but that doesn't mean we don't think like a startup. This slight pivot will bring you more relevant, real time, and refreshing content and opportunities for connection. We could not do it without our volunteers, and to be part of this evolution, you can volunteer too

Our Board of Directors

A Group of Volunteers Dedicated to the Advancement of MIMA

Organizational Structure

Executive Leadership

President, Vice President(s) and Treasurer
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Our Directors fill out specific committees, to help further the organization. To learn more about what the committees do and the responsibilities of a Director, click the links below. Perhaps one hits home with you, and you'd like to apply for the board.


If so, there are links to apply at the bottom of each page.

Programming and Content

Business Development

Membership and Higher Education

Brand and Marketing



Director of Programming
Director of Programming
Director of Programming
Jose Manuel Benitez
Director of Marketing
Director of Business Development
Director, Membership
Director of Programming
Director of Business Development