MIMA Board Position: Partnerships & Sponsorships Committee

Why This Seat Is Important

We do not live in a siloed world. MIMA requires the interaction, participation, and collaboration with external parties. Some of this will rely on identifying and positioning sponsors to solidify the fiscal future of the organization, whereas other aspects include exploring opportunities with other organizations to collaborate for mutual benefit.


What You Will Be Doing

  • Creating, evolving and communicating MIMA’s value to external partners and sponsors
  • Collaborating with each of the different board seats and committees
  • Defining sales strategies and working with others to market the organization
  • Provide appropriate content for marketing materials
  • Measuring the impact of our sponsorship and partnership activities
  • Driving fiscal support through sponsor relationships
  • Speak confidently and truthfully about the value and vision of MIMA to others
  • Leading the Partnerships & Sponsorships committee team and its volunteers
  • Representing the committee at all board meetings
  • Retain and expand the relationships with the organizations that support us


What You’re Good At

  • Leading, collaborating and integrating work across multiple teams and individuals
  • Building sales strategies people understand, can follow and execute against
  • Selling: you have a proven track recording of closing deals in the sales process
  • Taking initiative, following through, and owning relationships


What You Have Done

  • Built sales strategies and plans that have guided execution and driven growth
  • Led teams, managed budgets and are known for getting people to do their career-best work
  • Supported an organization by finding and expanding on relationships for both sales and cost-saving efforts