Leadership: President, Vice President, Treasurer

Why This Team Is Important

In this team, you will lead our efforts to recruit and retain our volunteers, including future Board Directors. As a member of the Executive Leadership, you could be President, Vice President or Treasurer. 

What You Will Be Doing

  • Leading the rest of the Board of Directors
  • Provide appropriate input and succession planning for the board
  • Set the strategic goals and objectives for MIMA
  • Make diversity and inclusion a top priority for our volunteers, and our members
  • Find areas of improvement internally, and externally based on market and member trends
  • Leading the relationships between MIMA, and other associations or groups
  • Understand and own the business of the business
  • Drive the board forward behind a unified vision
  • Honestly, roll up your sleeves and do the work, too

What You’re Good At

  • Leading, collaborating and integrating work across multiple teams and individuals
  • Thinking micro and macro around topics that sometimes can be ambiguous
  • Taking initiative, following through, and owning relationships
  • Being continually inquisitive
  • Acting as the voice and vision for an ambiguous group

What You Have Done

  • Led teams, managed budgets and are known for getting people to do their career-best work
  • Shown passion not just for marketing or digital, but also for people and community
  • Immerse yourself in a team of high performing individuals that you support and enable
  • Understand the difference between delegation and deputization


In general, a leadership role at MIMA requires approximately 2-4 volunteer hours per week.