MIMA Board Position: Operations Committee

Why This Seat Is Important

In this role, you will lead our efforts to recruit and retain our volunteers, including future Board Directors. Part of this role expands beyond people, and focuses on other internal tangibles like technology, and other day to day operations. This role is meant to help sustain us.


What You Will Be Doing

  • Maintaining and controlling access to our membership and other confidential data
  • Collaborating with each of the different board seats and committees
  • Provide appropriate input and succession planning for the board
  • Measuring the organization and find opportunities for improvement
  • Find areas of improvement internally, and externally based on market and member trends
  • Leading the relationships between MIMA, technology, and operation management
  • Representing the committee at all board meetings


What You’re Good At

  • Leading, collaborating and integrating work across multiple teams and individuals
  • Thinking micro and macro around topics that sometimes can be ambiguous
  • Taking initiative, following through, and owning data and statistics
  • Being continually inquisitive


What You Have Done

  • Led teams, managed budgets and are known for getting people to do their career-best work
  • Supported an organization by finding and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data
  • Immerse yourself in a team of high performing individuals that you support with facts