MIMA Board Position: Programming Committee

Why This Seat Is Important

The interactions and conversations that we can inspire within our membership base and beyond are at the heart of what we do. Part of that is the programming of content for our members, and non-members, including our educational and networking events, and online experience. This seat rallies around what we provide, and is constantly evolving with the state of digital marketing and Minnesota.


What You Will Be Doing


  • Leading the programming committee team and its volunteers
  • Managing the programming budget for the organization
  • Setting our annual programming strategy for both online and offline content for the year
  • Creating a comprehensive blend between digital and physical events
  • Defining the theme and booking speakers for monthly events, Coffee + Case Studies, Meetups, Workshops, etc.
  • Engaging committee and event leads to ensure progress toward upcoming milestones
  • Collaborating with each of the different board seats and committees
  • Providing appropriate speaker content for marketing materials
  • Establishing the overall aesthetics of physical event experiences, in partnership with marketing and our production partner to execute
  • Representing the programming committee at all board meetings




What You’re Good At

  • Leading, collaborating and integrating work across multiple teams and individuals
  • Identifying  digital marketing topics and trends we should be covering
  • Networking to build a strong community of potential speakers and volunteers
  • Building strategies people understand, can follow and execute against
  • Taking initiative, following through, and diligently staying on top of event planning details


What You Have Done

  • Managed projects at every level
  • Planned events from 50-500 attendees
  • Lived in the world of marketing to understand and be empathetic to the education needs of modern marketers
  • Worked with a team to responsibly manage budgets