Lunch Keynote: Morgan Spurlock


Creating World Changing Content, One Story at a Time

We live in an age where it's tough to walk down the street without someone trying to sell you something. The entire American experience now seems to be brought to us by some corporation. Utilizing the cutting-edge tools of comic exploration and total self-exploitation, Morgan Spurlock dissects the world of advertising and marketing by using his personal integrity as currency to sell out to the highest bidder. Scathingly funny, subversive, and deceptively smart, he shines the definitive light on our branded future.

Best known for his critically-acclaimed hit documentary “Super Size Me” and the CNN original series “Inside Man,” Morgan’s unique approach to examining societal issues makes them engaging, entertaining and accessible for audiences. Whether it’s spending time in jail or adhering to a strict fast-food diet, by immersing himself into risky situations, Morgan shares an intimate look at society’s rarely discussed sectors, while adeptly illustrating the underlying social and economic forces that drive cultural phenomena.

On stage, Morgan expertly blends information and anecdote as he delivers the scathingly funny, subversive, and deceptively smart perspective portrayed in his on-screen undertakings. The values of transparency and risk-taking in any endeavor become clear as Morgan draws from his exposure to various segments of American culture to expose you to new ideas that stimulate reexamination of commonly-held philosophies.


About Morgan Spurlock

Academy Award-Nominated Director of Super Size Me and Host of CNN's Inside Man

Morgan Spurlock is an award-winning writer, director, and producer. But you might know him best in his role as guinea pig for his film Super Size Me. During the making of the film, which examined the phenomenon of fast food and obesity in America, Spurlock subjected himself to a grueling, 30-day "McDonald’s Only" diet to document the food’s impact on his health. 

When the film first premiered in the US, it quickly became the first documentary to ever break into the weekend box office top ten. As one of the highest-grossing documentary films of all time, Super Size Me has played in more than 50 countries around the world and its popularity has made it recognizable by millions of consumers. At the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Super Size Me wowed audiences and critics alike and won Spurlock the Best Director award in the Documentary Competition. The film was also honored with an Academy Award nomination in February 2005 for Best Documentary Feature.

The impact of Morgan Spurlock’s film on our society is undeniable. Turn on the TV, open the paper, drive down the road - advertisements for healthier fast food fare have popped up everywhere in the aftermath of Super Size Me’s popularity. 

His critically acclaimed film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, examines branding, advertising, and product placement in America—in a film funded by branding, advertising, and product placement. 

His most recent films are Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, which takes an empathetic view of the world's largest pop culture trade convention, and Mansome, which features an all-star cast of commentators including Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Zach Galifianakis who opine on the grooming habits of the 21st century man.