Content strategy is about providing the right content, to the right people, at the right times, and for the right reasons. Whether we call ourselves content strategists or not, a core strategy can help us make better choices. The end result is more time and money spent on the right things that get the right results, and less time and money wasted on proliferating a content wasteland.

In this session, we'll walk through the components of a core content strategy statement and use one to make content decisions. Then, we'll wrap with tools you can use to put content strategy to work in your practice or in your organization.

After attending this breakout session you’ll understand:

  • The importance of aligning on a core content strategy statement

  • How a core content strategy statement helps you make smart decisions

  • How to develop a core content strategy statement

  • Tips and tools for designing content experiences that are on-strategy, always

Meghan Casey

Meghan Casey owns Do Better Content Consulting, a content consultancy that helps organizations do good with better content. She has more than 20 years of experience in communications, marketing, content strategy, and stakeholder whispering. And her book The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right has become a go-to guide for new and seasoned content professionals alike.

Meghan Casey