One of the key insights from Accenture's 2018 Personalization Pulse Check report is that today’s customers aren’t looking for brands to predict or define their journeys, but to design experiences that help them create their own. This approach requires a fundamental shift from old-school marketing considerations of the right product, place, and time to a two-way digital dialogue that dynamically curates individual experiences by putting the customer in charge. During this session, Jeriad Zoghby, Global Personalization Lead for Accenture Interactive, will discuss some of the recent work in personalization that reflects this shift and how it will enable brands to differentiate themselves both digitally and in brick-and-mortar experiences.

After attending this breakout session you’ll understand:

  • Shifting control of the experience to the customer is the only effective way to enable personalization at scale
  • The four pillars for building personal experiences in digital
  • Emerging technologies can enable brands to differentiate themselves in new ways across marketing and merchandising
  • Brands must reassert themselves digitally as trusted experts

Jeriad Zoghby

As the Global Personalization Lead at Accenture Interactive, Jeriad’s practice enables clients around the world to create unique and curated experiences for their customers seamlessly across channels.  

Jeriad has a PhD in Operations Research, holds multiple patents and co-invented Accenture’s artificial intelligence technology for advanced audience planning and segmentation.

He has been recognized in Advertising Age’s Marketing Technology Top 25 Trailblazers List in 2017 and has been quoted in publications such as, The Drum, MediaPost and Ad Age.

Jeriad Zhogby